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Villa Poseidon
Ensenada Bajamar $2,000.00 USD Weekly 5,000 sq. ft."Includes Access to Casita " APARTMENT Residential
15 photos
Casa Vista Panoramica
Ensenada Bajamar $1,250.00 USD Monthly 2,300 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
37 photos
Casa Blanca
Ensenada Bajamar $950.00 USD Weekly 2,800 sq. ft."260 M2" 2 Story Residential
36 photos
Ensenada Bajamar $950.00 USD Monthly 1,800 sq. ft."168 M2" Single Story Residential
28 photos
Casa Privada Del Mar
Ensenada Ensenada $900.00 USD Monthly 1,367 sq. ft."127 M2" 2 Story Residential
8 photos
VCC 16
Ensenada Bajamar $750.00 USD Monthly 1,300 sq. ft."120 M2" Single Story Residential
24 photos
Villa Mar Vista
Ensenada Bajamar $350.00 USD Daily 5,000 sq. ft."+ Guest house with 3 beds/1b/kitchen" 2 Story Split "+ Guest House" Residential
19 photos
La Serena 102
Ensenada Bajamar $325.00 USD Daily 1,800 sq. ft. Single Story Condominium
8 photos
La Serena 101
Ensenada Bajamar $325.00 USD Daily 1,800 sq. ft. Single Story Condominium
15 photos
Casa Alexssa
Ensenada Bajamar $275.00 USD Daily 2,400 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential
36 photos
Casa Cipres(New Construction)
Rosarito El Descanso $250.00 USD Daily 1,650 sq. ft."153 M2" Single Story Residential
26 photos
Casa Puerta Del Mar
Ensenada Ensenada $225.00 USD Daily 1,367 sq. ft."127 M2" 2 Story Residential

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The beautiful ocean views, the expansive white sandy beaches, and the rhythmic sound of the waves mesmerize visitors the moment they see this fast growing area in Baja California. The relaxed and simple "manana" attitude will envelop you the very minute you cross the border into Baja California Mexico.
Imagine owning a beautiful home within walking distance of magnificent white sandy beaches. If you are exploring the possibilities of living south of the border in Baja Mexico, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the incredible prices of ocean front and ocean view homes! Save your country living for Montana!!! 
BAJA REAL ESTATEMany select developments are offering resort style accommodations and services for people who dare to be pampered. There are many excellent developments such as Bajamar, Puerto Salina Marina, Punta Piedra, Baja Malibu, Santa Barbara, La Mision Playa, Rosarito, Ensenada, Chapultepec Hills, Club Marena, Rancho Del Mar, Real Del Mar, Playas De Tijuana and Cibola del Mar just to name a few.  Who couldn't get used to being treated like royalty? Leave the stress of work at the border and become part of those enjoying this wonderful lifestyle!
But take our advice. Don't hesitate. The Baja coastline is experiencing an unprecedented building boom! American buyers are scooping up the oceanfront developments faster than they can be built. The effect is causing an ever-increasing appreciation in property values.
Here at Mexico Coast Homes we believe, "Opportunities are never lost, they just go to other people." Take heed and join the Baja boom today. 

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