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Though beachfront homes in sunny Southern California are still available to those with the means to afford them, statistics show that the vast majority of those facing BAJA OCEANSretirement will not be able to retire there. If Southern California is the ideal climate with the ideal proximity to the things that Baby Boomer Retirees want most, then to a majority of retirees, all may not be lost. Not far from San Diego, lies a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live the ideal retirement: Baja California, Mexico!

Northern Baja has already attracted much attention with its Southern California-like weather, 1200 miles of as-yet undisturbed beaches, and a pace of life that is as relaxed as pure heaven. There is a building boom underway in northern Baja that is unprecedented in Mexico’s history. From new resorts, to condo communities and private beachfront homes, available and affordable retirement is well within reach of a majority of the Baby Boomer Generation.

In Tijuana minutes from San Diego, there are beautifully planned and executed beachfront communities offering affordable BAJA BEACHchances to live close to the beach with everything you want at your disposal. Further down the Pacific Coast of Baja, at Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, new developments are springing up at an amazing pace. Most are being built to American standards, providing an array of conveniences for all types of buyers. More condo communities and beachfront homes are in the planning stages in cities and towns all along the coast of Baja, from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez. Fonatur, Mexico’s tourist development agency, plans to ring the peninsula with marinas, four-star resorts and golf courses in a plan called La Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder.

Development of Baja is still at its infancy. The resort of Cabo San Lucas and a new 5,000 home “American” community just underway in Loreto, are part of the beginnings of Mexico’s development of the 800-mile peninsula of Baja California. It will involve long-term partnering with foreign investment, much of it American, resulting in a truly modern and beautiful destination aimed at attracting worldwide attention.

EL DORADO RANCHAs the plans unfold and the construction begins, the inventory of affordable retirement homes is ever increasing. In San Felipe, on the Sea Of Cortez, the once sleepy fishing village of 15,000 is quickly becoming a real city with a projected population of 125,000 by 2012. Rosarito now boasts a population of 110,000, nearly 30% of which are English-speaking retirees. In Ensenada the percentages are even higher. The American population in Baja is growing at an incredible pace, and with it comes the demand for all the conveniences that you, the Baby Boomers require. Wal-Mart, The Home Depot and Costco are already in Baja California, as are many well-known financial institutions, leading the way for continued growth and convenience.

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